Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Chilly May

It’s May! But it rarely feels like it.  The wind is warm this morning, but it has been so chilly in the last week or more.  So much so that it doesn’t occur to us to go riding in the woods, and sadly, this is the prettiest time out there with the grass beginning to grow and the little wildflowers popping up all over. It’s always so soothing to me to go for a ride along the river, see the water, let my thoughts from all day air out.

Life seems so busy, even kind of complicated now, despite the fact we live a very simple, quiet life.  Just lots in my mind always, I guess.  Unless plans change, my kids are going to take a road trip next week.  Though I’ll miss them a lot and I’ll worry a lot until they get where they’re going, I think I’m going to plan my daytime alone like a little vacation.  Have never done that before so I’m excited about it. 

I have begun writing again, so I would probably concentrate heavily on that next week and hopefully even make strides to finish this story finally.  I think I have maybe four chapters or so left unwritten.  It has been so fun to work with Molly on her books that I just can’t resist getting back into my own.  Very soon here I will begin editing her third one, so I wanted to concentrate on my own writing for a bit, get re-established.

Now that we have actually utilized their services, we are pleased with the CreateSpace printing process so far.  Molly finished and uploaded her manuscript and the cover file and received a proof copy of her book last week.  It is an amazing thing to work so long and hard on a project and then hold that finished product in your hands.  It was a big thing even to me so can only imagine what it felt like to her.  This book, Every Tear, is almost three times the size of her first book, so it was very exciting to see it all printed up and real. I was very impressed with the printing, the paper and the ink, just very nice looking.  There was a mistake on their end with the page margins so it was necessary for them to send her a new proof which is delaying its availability which was disappointing, especially as she ordered her first shipment of books, but they rectified things and are sending her an additional shipment free of charge.  So, as I said, we are pleased.rocker

I hope all of you mothers had a lovely and pleasant Mother's Day.  I did.  Jack and the kids surprised me with a porch rocker which I’ve been wanting for a long time.  It is a nice, big, sturdy rocker, like this one only mine is white. I hope to read a lot this summer so hopefully the mosquitoes won’t keep me away from the porch.

Regarding my recent post and the sleep number bed. LOL It just was not very comfortable to me.  I mean you hear so much about them, well, if you listen to talk radio, and think they would be really great.  And maybe they are.  I was too tired to fiddle much with the settings so I had it on low 30s.  But when Jack got up in the morning and crawled over my end of the bed, you know because the space between the bed and the wall in a hotel is too small to actually get off that side, I felt like I was going to be catapulted off the bed.  So, it just seemed to me I was sleeping on a glorified air mattress bed, and I really hate those to begin with.  But that’s just me. LOL

Well, I’m off to watch Rush for a bit.  I might tuck a small post below this one.  I am always loathe to spoil a post with my political feelings, because they are very strong, so I think I will most likely post them separately when I do.


  1. Good to read you again my dear! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

    Exciting news about Molly's next book and that you've gotten back to writing yourself. In my writing course I've finally made it to the last 1/4 which is all about writing fiction. I'm excited to see if this is where God wants me to write. I guess I should figure it out soon since I'm almost done my course - lol Only 6 months to go!

    Hugs to you xo

  2. Pam, how wonderful to come here & find a new post!! You don't know how much I enjoy stopping in here & visiting with you. I always leave here with a smile.

    I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. I did too - very relaxing. Love your rocker & I can picture you enjoying it this summer, book in hand, & swatting (is that spelled right???) mosquitoes with the other hand. :-) No, let's pray they stay away from you.

    So glad about Molly's book Pam. Can't wait until it is available for purchase. Her first book was/is wonderful! I am 'really' happy to hear that you are writing again! So exciting! I am hoping you get lots of time to focus on this during your 'kids away' vacation.

    I think I have written a post here Pam. Your blog seems to do that to me. Sending you big hugs!