Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Messages For Women and Wives

Good morning! First, I just wanted to say, you probably have realized by now that I have very strong political feelings. I am very open about it, and I do not mince words.  I am sorry if I might shock you with what I say. I am a very soft-spoken person, but I am very opinionated on this subject.

I am so excited to share a few things that you might not have been aware of. I wasn’t. I used to listen to Focus on the Family daily, religiously, when the kids were small. I’m not sure when I stopped listening. Just too many other things to do. But recently my sister-in-law told me about a wonderful 2-day message she’d heard by Beth Moore called Embracing God’s View of Your Marriage. Also recently, for our 22nd wedding anniversary, Jack gifted me with an iPod touch. (aren’t those apps just the most fun?!!) So I got back into podcasting again. I just love listening to these podcasts that Focus on the Family gives so generously. I still remember the days when you had to order a cassette tape of something you’d heard. So I am especially grateful for this.

beth_moore_02_332 I was just so blessed by this message by Beth Moore. Frankly, though I am married to a really wonderful and sweet man, I find marriage harder now than I ever have. That is no reflection on him.  He’s one of those great slow and steady guys, and he has provided a very stable home for us. But neither of us is perfect and being a woman at this age is very challenging, being a mother of older children (meaning adult and near adult age) can often times be more exhausting mentally than raising small children. There are many factors, not the least of which is this world that vies for our attentions in ways that sneak up on us before we realize how much of us it has stolen in terms of time, etc. So, anyway, I just wanted to share this two part message in case it would be of benefit to you as well. I would hope if you subscribe to the FOTF daily podcasts these messages (April 23 & 24, 2009) would still be automatically downloaded into your iTunes by updating once you’ve subscribed, but if not, I hope these links work for you.

Embracing God’s View of Your Marriage 1

Embracing God’s View of Your Marriage 2

Feldhahn’s-_Shaunti_174And I have more! This morning while I was straightening my hair because it takes almost an hour, I listened to 2 parts of a 3 part message by Shaunti Feldhahn called What Women Should Know About Men which discusses the differences between us. Well, I’ll tell you, I learned some things and am so happy that I did. Though I just keep getting side tracked, my goal is to be a better wife to this man I am married to and when I accomplish that my goal is to be an even better wife for him. Because no matter how much I might get frustrated by the things that I wish were different, he deserves that! I was quite riveted by the first two parts of this message, and I am real interested in the book also that she has written, for women only.for-women-only-212x300

What Women Should Know About Men 1

What Women Should Know About Men 2

What Women Should Know About Men 3

I hope you can access these messages! and if they touch you, tell a friend. smile

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clapping For Neil Cavuto

Neil CavutoIt’s pretty crappy when you feel helpless to stop what’s happening in America today. Yes, all together we could stop it, but where are the people standing up, banding together? Probably watching TV or on the Internet (and yes, I’m guilty of both). But when their health care goes down the toilet and they begin to wake up and sputter, “what? what?” I’m just going to weep. Because it’s all so stupid these people who voted for obama and who are just blind to it now, what they’ve done. I’m going to be so much more angry than I am right now.  This man who is reveling in being our president and trotting around foreign countries like he is king of the world is such a baby, such a gutless and thin skinned man who lies openly and repeatedly and believes and basks in his own ridiculous press. So. This is why I am posting this link below. It is such a balm to my battered spirit to read these words by Neil Cavuto calling out this awful man.

Obama Was Everywhere Except FOX Today

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movie Review – Night At the Museum 2


Night at the Museum – Battle of the Smithsonian. Have you seen it?! Oh, it was so fun!! Just so many great and funny moments like the part with, Brundon, the security guard and Hank Azaria’s hilarious portrayal of Kahmunrah which just killed me. Amy Adams was a great Amelia Earheart. In all it was just very fun, a very successful sequel, and I love the Smithsonian. It brought back memories of being there with my grandmother years ago.

Movie Review – New In Town

New in Town

I have a new favorite movie, New In Town. Oh this one was just so cute. I loved that it was fairly to quite wholesome. You can’t say that much anymore. And have it be a great movie to boot. [editing to say: upon watching it a second time, it does have a bit of "salty" language] I love Harry Connick Jr., and though I am terribly distracted always by whatever RenĂ©e Zellweger has done to her face, I just found myself laughing over and over again during this movie. I am and always will be a Minnesota girl at heart. I live here because my wonderful husband is here, but if I had my druthers I’d take him with me and go back home. So watching a movie that takes place in Minnesota, even with the hilariously gross exaggerations of Minnesota behavior and dialect, was just lots of fun. Also, if you love The Closer as I do, you will just LOVE watching Police Chief Will Pope (J.K. Simmons) as Stu.

Things That Distract Me

while our country is being hijacked and destroyed.

Recently we traveled with Jack again to the Kalahari. I feel so blessed to be able to do this. It was a work conference for him and we would probably not be able to afford two nights there and eating for five and all that goes with a trip like that, but we have been blessed to go there every year since the kids were young. It feels so comfortable now, like home, and I just LOVE going there. We had a great time and again, I just feel so blessed to get that opportunity. We all went to the great theater there and watched the second Night at the Museum movie. Have you seen it?! Oh, it was so fun!! I also watched New In Town, which I loved.

gfbtprev I added another sidebar heading, Scrapbooking. I’ve been a little too scatterbrained in the last months to keep track of specific designers, or begin to have favorites, other than Shabby Miss Jenn. It’s the colors that attract me initially and then papers and elements so I usually just fly around liking this or that but not taking care to remember who did what. But recently I followed a SYTYCD contest over at Digiscrap Addicts. One designer I really like is Megan Turnidge. I love the colors she chooses and the way she puts things together. This week she and a 9 other designers were added to the Scrap Orchard store and they all put together a blog train kit called Girlfriends. Some great colors and fun elements/papers. If you start with Megan’s blog and follow the train until you come back to her you can pick up this great kit. Also, I see she is bringing back her kits one by one from the contest. So, if you like digital scrapbooking, check out Megan’s new blog. It’s very pretty! After this, I’ll be adding my favorite designers to the sidebar over time.

Every Tear

Jack and I are hearing comments from people who are reading Molly’s new book, and it is so exciting to me! After so many hours going through it and editing, it is really exciting for me to hear what they think because I loved it. Apparently it is keeping them up late at night reading. LOLMy sweet Aunt Helen actually had a little heart episode while reading a tension-filled part. I’m just so happy for Molly. If you care to take a look, Amazon has the Look Inside for this book and you can read the prologue. Do remember though that this is part two in a series.