Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Distract Me

while our country is being hijacked and destroyed.

Recently we traveled with Jack again to the Kalahari. I feel so blessed to be able to do this. It was a work conference for him and we would probably not be able to afford two nights there and eating for five and all that goes with a trip like that, but we have been blessed to go there every year since the kids were young. It feels so comfortable now, like home, and I just LOVE going there. We had a great time and again, I just feel so blessed to get that opportunity. We all went to the great theater there and watched the second Night at the Museum movie. Have you seen it?! Oh, it was so fun!! I also watched New In Town, which I loved.

gfbtprev I added another sidebar heading, Scrapbooking. I’ve been a little too scatterbrained in the last months to keep track of specific designers, or begin to have favorites, other than Shabby Miss Jenn. It’s the colors that attract me initially and then papers and elements so I usually just fly around liking this or that but not taking care to remember who did what. But recently I followed a SYTYCD contest over at Digiscrap Addicts. One designer I really like is Megan Turnidge. I love the colors she chooses and the way she puts things together. This week she and a 9 other designers were added to the Scrap Orchard store and they all put together a blog train kit called Girlfriends. Some great colors and fun elements/papers. If you start with Megan’s blog and follow the train until you come back to her you can pick up this great kit. Also, I see she is bringing back her kits one by one from the contest. So, if you like digital scrapbooking, check out Megan’s new blog. It’s very pretty! After this, I’ll be adding my favorite designers to the sidebar over time.

Every Tear

Jack and I are hearing comments from people who are reading Molly’s new book, and it is so exciting to me! After so many hours going through it and editing, it is really exciting for me to hear what they think because I loved it. Apparently it is keeping them up late at night reading. LOLMy sweet Aunt Helen actually had a little heart episode while reading a tension-filled part. I’m just so happy for Molly. If you care to take a look, Amazon has the Look Inside for this book and you can read the prologue. Do remember though that this is part two in a series.


  1. I haven't seen New in Town yet but it is one on my "to see" list. I LOVED Night at the Museum 2! I love the first one and watch it often so we went and saw the 2nd one in IMAX on opening night. Didn't think the IMAX was as good on the 2nd as it was on the 1st - either that or I'm just used to High Def from our t.v. -lol. I'm glad they got so many of the old cast back for the sequel!

    I'll have to give Molly's book a look see. I'm studying fiction in my course right now. I give anyone who has completed one novel a TON of respect... to have written more than one... WOW! lol ;-)

    Glad you got to travel with your honey. I love it when I can travel with mine. We are very fortunately ladies ;-)

    Hugs xo

  2. Hi Pam! Lest you think I've forgotten you, I haven't. I have been going through such a sad time - a very difficult time, but feeling much better now. I have felt as though I've been in a 'hole'. I have missed you so much!!

    There is much that I want to comment on here - you & I are so much alike in our thoughts & feelings. You are someone that I would 'love' to sit across from on the porch, coffee in hand, & talk the day away. I 'feel' your heart in your posts, & please know that someone out here agrees with you & see things as you do.

    I wasn't aware Molly's 2nd book was out already. I must buy it!! Her first book was incredible, & I can't wait to read this 2nd one. How very proud you must be of her Pam.

    I am into podcasts now too. I download Dobson's broadcast everyday. Isn't technology wonderful in this way?! I have a few that I download & listen to at my leisure.

    Have a wonderful, safe, & happy 4th Pam! Sending you biggest hugs!!