Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Is Waning

Summer feels half over, or is it actually? and I have yet to just consciously let summer wash over me with all of its seemingly endless-feeling, warm-breezy, loveliness.  Normally, our life is very quiet and slow (although that never seems to translate into not busy), but this summer has been as busy as it feels. I’m already feeling like I should prepare for the coming school year (although this year I will have only 1 to teach! and how weird will that be?) I must concentrate on just “doing” summer one of these days.

We had a very lovely time away recently. My brother who lives in Alaska came down with his wonderful little family to visit. It happened that it was just me (sans sisters) and my three brothers and our families staying with Mom and Dad. It was a wonderfully relaxing time, and we also celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary!

Since returning I have been trying to get back into the groove, trying to get organized, trying to make myself do the things I need to do. I have spent a fair amount of time lately blessing my computer with gritted teeth, along with routers that seem not to work, and malfunctions which leave card readers not working. I'm beginning to edit Molly's next book in earnest which is good since she would like it to be done next month. Yikes! We’ve also been spending a lot of time as a family which is important to me as the kids get ever older, going for lots of four wheeler rides across the river which is shallow enough right now we can cross it with our little train of four-wheelers. We went bowling the other night. Exceptionally fun! They have a special every Wednesday night. Very soon we are going to double up and go with our friends (neighbors). I am really looking forward to that. We went to Lifest last Sunday, to see Jeremy Camp. Aside from five hours under a BRUTAL sun which claimed its share of sunburn, again! (I got burned so badly at Mom and Dad’s) we had a fabulous time, and I was so very impressed with Jeremy Camp. You know how we mothers are. I am just indebted to him for how he responded to my kids as they met him. So sincere, sweet, caring. Man. Made such a great memory. Good day.


with Molly
and Jacob and Sam

Though I have not accomplished any pages, I have had scrapbooking on my brain a lot lately. In my searches for various scrapbooking related things, I ran across an absolutely fascinating blog this afternoon, The Pioneer Woman. She has made and graciously offered great Photoshop actions! I fiddled with two photos and can’t wait to sink my fingers into more. This first one is our house, last summer. This action makes it look so pretty!


This second picture is the back field after the hay was baled by the river in the woods. I took this last summer also. I just love this picture.


Well, whatever else I was going to say has just escaped me! LOL So I will close with that.