Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bees. And More Bees.

For years now I have wanted to move our ugly car garage away from the house. Without going into detail other than to say, again, that it is ugly, there are numerous reasons that I thought this would be wonderful. It is attached to the house by a small maybe four foot throughway, one that we did not use anyway. Because we were trying to find some way to magically make a barn appear in which to house our horse (on our land) who currently lives in the barn on the property adjacent to ours, and because we are resourceful people, and after thinking on this quite some time, Jack has decided to turn the garage into a barn. VoilĂ ! I have received my wish. LOL The ugly garage is now moved down by the pasture and will be transformed into a barn for Baylen.

There was a huge amount of buzzing in the wall of the throughway when he moved the garage. It turned out to be a massive hive of bees. Of course more than a few of them ended up in the house. Though men generally don’t think this is a very big deal, wink I’ve been having mild fits over this, especially as we’ve had an annoying amount of wasps this past summer who also find their way into the house. [It’s a very old house by the way.] So I swatted more than a couple of them in the living room today, not to mention more than a few in other places.

shopThis will seem like a change of subject, but it is not. I started getting a headache last night and it developed into a bad one this morning. This afternoon I decided to sit with some warmth on my neck, and Molly and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Had no idea this was such a cute and fun movie! I really loved it. So it was enjoyable, despite the headache, until I felt a bee sting my leg! I panicked and pulled my jeans up, screaming, “Molly, help me! Molly, help me!” So of course the bee stung me again higher up my leg. Ouch! I haven’t been stung since a wasp stung me on the back of my knee when I was a young girl climbing high up in a combine on the farm. I have decided I do not want to get stung again. It hurts and feels like you are being stung repeatedly and now my leg is numb and painful, but I suppose the worst is over. crazy

We went to a Leeland concert last night and if you ever have the chance I would urge you to go. I love Leeland. Great, just fantastic worship songs. I love Leeland’s passion and love for God.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Blog For All Seasons

The other day it occurred to me that I was going into fall & winter with spring graphics. It seems a better thing to have an all-weather/all-season blog design. Isn’t this Trina Clark clip art great? I recently put together a blog design for my niece using Trina Clark’s school clip art and really loved how colorful it was. So much so, I wanted to do one for myself. I love this house, sun, and daisies and all the bold country colors. So that is where this look has come from. I am thinking, now that I critique it, that there is too much busyness, but I love all the color, and I think this is fun for a change.

There are so many times in a day that I think of blogging about something. I really would like to blog regularly, but I can never seem to fit everything into one day. I’m going to try though. I do miss blogging. My summer was so busy, there were things to blog about, but to find the time. surprised Also, please forgive me for never visiting or replying to comments. That sounds so lame, but I just have not been visiting at all these last months and barely blogging as it is. I have been a hit and run blogger. blush

Hey, how about that Bibi Netanyahu at the UN yesterday?! Every time he says “my people” I just think wow. What if we had a leader who would speak with such pride in his nation?

I’m Just Sayin’

wow. You know how I go back and forth about whether or not to include my political feelings in my regular blog postings – so that’s what the new “I’m just sayin’ . . . “ tab is for and generally I’m going to post these things in separate posts, I think, because –frankly? I am uncomfortable writing about something nice like family stuff or exciting like Molly’s books and then switch gears and just vomit all over my vehement feelings for this current administration and YET it's like how can I NOT say something?! This country, the leadership, is just getting more and more bizarre.

I am posting this video to show both the absurdity and the horror of what is happening in this country. The part at 2:36 referencing “all are equal in his sight” as opposed to “all are precious in His sight” offends me more than most things that have happened so far.


This video also upsets me every time I hear it. If you voted for obama, did you vote for THIS? “We are ..Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming The United States of America” Did you vote for him to do the things he's doing? If you did, I can’t understand why. I wish people who feel there is something so wrong with this wonderful country would just go live somewhere else.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Scrapbooking Tool Of a Different Sort

I ran across a blog post the other day describing how to organize digital scrapbooking files and folders on your computer. Since beginning digital scrapbooking, that is a large part of what I keep on my computer. Way too much, actually, but that is a different post. LOL

Everyone will have their own way of organizing, depending on what you have be it only kits or more. I happen also to collect commercial use items for making my own papers and elements and am always so grateful to those who share free templates and mini kits, etc. That usually  yields a sizeable amount of zip files to unzip. So. I was really excited to read this blog post which mentions a little program called Extract Now which unzips multiple zip files at once.  Amazing! Especially if you didn’t know that could be done. I love it and wanted to share in case it will be new to you too.