Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bees. And More Bees.

For years now I have wanted to move our ugly car garage away from the house. Without going into detail other than to say, again, that it is ugly, there are numerous reasons that I thought this would be wonderful. It is attached to the house by a small maybe four foot throughway, one that we did not use anyway. Because we were trying to find some way to magically make a barn appear in which to house our horse (on our land) who currently lives in the barn on the property adjacent to ours, and because we are resourceful people, and after thinking on this quite some time, Jack has decided to turn the garage into a barn. VoilĂ ! I have received my wish. LOL The ugly garage is now moved down by the pasture and will be transformed into a barn for Baylen.

There was a huge amount of buzzing in the wall of the throughway when he moved the garage. It turned out to be a massive hive of bees. Of course more than a few of them ended up in the house. Though men generally don’t think this is a very big deal, wink I’ve been having mild fits over this, especially as we’ve had an annoying amount of wasps this past summer who also find their way into the house. [It’s a very old house by the way.] So I swatted more than a couple of them in the living room today, not to mention more than a few in other places.

shopThis will seem like a change of subject, but it is not. I started getting a headache last night and it developed into a bad one this morning. This afternoon I decided to sit with some warmth on my neck, and Molly and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Had no idea this was such a cute and fun movie! I really loved it. So it was enjoyable, despite the headache, until I felt a bee sting my leg! I panicked and pulled my jeans up, screaming, “Molly, help me! Molly, help me!” So of course the bee stung me again higher up my leg. Ouch! I haven’t been stung since a wasp stung me on the back of my knee when I was a young girl climbing high up in a combine on the farm. I have decided I do not want to get stung again. It hurts and feels like you are being stung repeatedly and now my leg is numb and painful, but I suppose the worst is over. crazy

We went to a Leeland concert last night and if you ever have the chance I would urge you to go. I love Leeland. Great, just fantastic worship songs. I love Leeland’s passion and love for God.


  1. Congrats on moving the barn! Woohoo!!

    Talk about bees/wasps... my poor nephew-in-law was dealing with 100s of yellow-jackets in their home about a month ago, all while trying to keep them away from my pregnant (with triplets) niece. He wrote about it in their blog (it was hilarious)... you can visit them if you'd like at Quickly Outnumbered (the blog name here at Blogger) You can link to it from some of my posts.

    Hope your leg feels better!

  2. I received your email, Pam... Awwwww, you are such a sweetie and the feeling is MUTUAL!!!! Thank you so much! I love your adorable new screams "PAM"...definitely not too busy at all (especially compared to my blog right now...LOL). Your look is very unique and ultra custom...I love the ric rack and the sweet little apron graphic. Oh my...the bees! :0 How scary! I was cringing when I read about how you were stung! Ouch! I hope that the swelling has gone down. You guys moved a BUILDING! Wow...that must have been quite a job! Hugs to you, friend! God bless.