Friday, September 4, 2009

Scrapbooking Tool Of a Different Sort

I ran across a blog post the other day describing how to organize digital scrapbooking files and folders on your computer. Since beginning digital scrapbooking, that is a large part of what I keep on my computer. Way too much, actually, but that is a different post. LOL

Everyone will have their own way of organizing, depending on what you have be it only kits or more. I happen also to collect commercial use items for making my own papers and elements and am always so grateful to those who share free templates and mini kits, etc. That usually  yields a sizeable amount of zip files to unzip. So. I was really excited to read this blog post which mentions a little program called Extract Now which unzips multiple zip files at once.  Amazing! Especially if you didn’t know that could be done. I love it and wanted to share in case it will be new to you too.


  1. wow I didn't know you could do that - just the other day I was thinking it would be nice to be able to extract multiple files, well now I can thanks to you!
    missed you!
    have a great day, Joann

  2. Hi Pam, I love making digital scrap pages. Made several with old family photos for fun and Genealogy. I love 2peasinabucket, and I was doing it every day and then I got side tracked. I need to get back into it. I was doing it all spring. It is hard to organize the digital elements. I have a Mac so I don't have to unzip anything, just organize my folders. I want to make a collage of my flowers. Been saying that for two weeks! Have a great September!

  3. Oooo...extracting multiple files at the same time? Score! I saved that link and I will read the organizing info tonight...I have such a difficult time trying to organize my digital scrapbooking stuff! Thanks, Pam. God bless.