Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

Life has been so full in the past months. Our summer was busy, and our fall likewise. Jacob graduated this year and has been taking basic EMT training classes since early September. He was also working full time until last week so I am glad he can concentrate fully on his classes now. He has clinicals at the hospital next week and is enrolled in nursing classes next January. I am excited for him to feel a passion for what he is doing. While he is learning a LOT in the EMT course, his desire is to concentrate on nursing.

Molly’s writing career just continues to amaze me. For longer than I can remember, I have wanted to publish a book. Various pursuits over the last few years and being pulled in many directions at once most every day have succeeded in derailing that dream. Even so, I blame myself mostly as, chiefly, I am a disorganized individual. Following alongside Molly in her writing career has been very exciting for me. I definitely had the same passion she has at the age she is now, and while advantages in publishing might be more readily available to her, I feel she has more drive than I ever had. She very much deserves these accomplishments that she has achieved, and I am just wildly proud of her.

I finally finished copy editing the third book in the series just a couple of weeks ago. Major accomplishment for me as she, poor girl, had wanted to release that title in September already. But now, it is done and will be available in just a few days providing the proof copy she is waiting for is all right. I thought I would post the first three covers. This is also a hugely fun and satisfying part of the process for me. Her printer, CreateSpace, is only that, a printer, so you are responsible for every other aspect of publishing, including making the book’s cover. Thank goodness for Photoshop which I love to work with. Molly searches for stock photos and gives me direction as to what she wants the cover to look like and then gives me thumbs up or down along the way until they eventually turn out like this. It is so fun to watch them come to life!

TPDP cover

(The Pirate Daughter’s Promise which is currently with Pleasant Word will be
re-released at CreateSpace with this new cover in the near future.)

Every Tear cover

ACH cover

One last thought about this series, Pirates & Faith. It will live now in my heart forever. I love her characters so much, and it was so fun following them through all four books. (Yes, there is a fourth.) Molly will be the first to say she would likely change a few things in her first book, The Pirate Daughter’s Promise, which was written when she was just fifteen. Her writing talent has grown and improved over the years. I love the sweetness of the first. The second is full of trials and heartache, and it gripped me deeply. It is also full of comedic moments and a deepening of your love for her continuing characters. The third is slightly different, primarily through the eyes of a young man, a ship’s captain. And the fourth, I think, though I will never be quite able to decide, was my favorite. I just could not stop reading it! Molly confided it was her hardest to write. She almost didn’t finish it! I was pleased to tell her I thought it was her best work. So if you are interested in reading this series or purchasing for a gift, the third one should be available very soon. Just check the sidebar to see if it is clickable. It will take you to

I will write again and tell you about my poor finger sad which has been in distress for three weeks.

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  1. So very exciting to read about Molly's writing journey. I just finished my 2 year writing course so now I guess I need to get down to the act of writing, although I could totally relate to what you said about your writing dreams! Discipline! I need some discipline (and good ideas too- lol)

    Congrats to your son as well on his career path!