Monday, March 29, 2010

A Book Review & Author Interviews

I wish I had thought to post this sooner. crazy There was a blog give-away, a copy of Molly’s first book, The Pirate Daughter’s Promise, but the drawing is today, so that won’t help you any. fools But the blogger, Angie at My Four Monkeys, also wrote a review of Molly's book, and I thought you might like to read it. It was fun for me to read through the comments and see the interest in Molly’s books.

Molly was also interviewed for a second time by author Stephanie Boles at Regency Whispers. The most recent, interview two, and the first interview in June of 2009.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie Review – Star Trek


I watched Star Trek with my boys recently. I have no trouble admitting we fast-forwarded through the risqué parts. I’ll never be comfortable watching sex-scenes with my children, adults or not. I don’t care much whether a movie has a good review, especially by critics who most likely don’t share my views about life in general, and I have no idea whether people loved or hated this movie, but I had fun. smile I’m not an avid “Trekkie,” but I did watch Star Trek quite a bit in my youth. I enjoyed watching the old characters come to life.I loved the bits of comedy, thought it was nicely fast-paced, and that it was fun to see Leonard Nimoy as Spock again. Also, I was never a fan of Bruce Greenwood years ago, quite the opposite in fact, but he sure has grown into a fine actor. I loved his character, Christopher Pike. Not being a Trekkie, I have no idea of the history, whether or not this movie took liberties with the characters’ stories, so I just had a lot of fun watching. smile

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Months Condensed

sadThe winter months were hard. Time seemed to go fast. Winter did not seem overlong, but there were various things happening that caused me so much stress even my stress had stress. It was very hard, very worrisome for me, and some stresses are ongoing. There have been chunks of my life where I have just lived, lived life. Life now, seems always to have something causing concern. Every morning I wake there is something weighing on my mind. Is this just the way it is when you are older?

LOLAfter months of consistent effort, I can finally say I am writing again. I’m editing a book I’ve been writing for years. I’m not finished writing yet though. Close, maybe a few chapters left.

nerdyI am editing Molly’s fourth book, due out this spring yet.

Thumbs-upJacob finished and passed his EMT classes and also took nursing assistant classes and is now a certified CNA.

annoyedI’m frustrated that I feel like I have no time for digital scrapbooking. But I seem to have to pick and choose these days, and if I’m writing then I’m not scrapbooking. My goal is to become better organized, a better manger of my time, so I can do both.

Thumbs-upI’m gathering all my photos together in one place and sorting through them. This needed to be done anyway—normal people probably would have done this in the first place—and I’m hoping it will make it easier for me to begin scrapbooking again.

illI am sick over what is happening in our country. Some days I am more optimistic than others.