Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Months Condensed

sadThe winter months were hard. Time seemed to go fast. Winter did not seem overlong, but there were various things happening that caused me so much stress even my stress had stress. It was very hard, very worrisome for me, and some stresses are ongoing. There have been chunks of my life where I have just lived, lived life. Life now, seems always to have something causing concern. Every morning I wake there is something weighing on my mind. Is this just the way it is when you are older?

LOLAfter months of consistent effort, I can finally say I am writing again. I’m editing a book I’ve been writing for years. I’m not finished writing yet though. Close, maybe a few chapters left.

nerdyI am editing Molly’s fourth book, due out this spring yet.

Thumbs-upJacob finished and passed his EMT classes and also took nursing assistant classes and is now a certified CNA.

annoyedI’m frustrated that I feel like I have no time for digital scrapbooking. But I seem to have to pick and choose these days, and if I’m writing then I’m not scrapbooking. My goal is to become better organized, a better manger of my time, so I can do both.

Thumbs-upI’m gathering all my photos together in one place and sorting through them. This needed to be done anyway—normal people probably would have done this in the first place—and I’m hoping it will make it easier for me to begin scrapbooking again.

illI am sick over what is happening in our country. Some days I am more optimistic than others.


  1. Hey sweetie, so glad to hear from you. I have missed reading your blog. I hope all is okay, you seem a little overwhelmed. I think the weather and winter months has something to do with that. I know for me it does. I had several months this winter that I was really struggling.

    Anyway, sweetie, I am here if you want/need to drop me a note. So GLAD to see your post though. Woo Hoo!

    love ya,

  2. Hi Pam!
    I am so glad to see a blog entry from you.I have missed you hun.
    That is so awesome you are writing! And congrats to Molly, wow, her fourth book!

    I need to do something with all of my photos as well, it is overwhelming to me.

    Sending hugs :-)

  3. Ciao Pam! So happy to see a blog entry! :) Congrats to Molly! Wow, four books, way to go! :D
    Same problems with photos here *blush* I should organize mine too.
    Hope all the "winter" stress will be over soon, have a lovely Spring and a blessed Easter.
    *hugs* and smiles your way :)

  4. Hi Pam'
    welcome back - I am also sick of what is taking place in our country and like you some days it's like what more can they do to destroy our country! It is very discouraging to say the least!
    so take care my good friend
    I missed you!

  5. Pam!!! Do you know how happy you made me this morning??? I have been checking everyday, & 'almost' fainted when I saw a new post title! Yay! She' back! I am so sorry that you've been having a hard time Pam. Even though we've not been in touch, I have been praying. I do wish you would drop me a line - I'm only an email away if you want to 'talk'.

    I think it's awesome that you have started writing again! I cannot wait to read it. I have always thought you would be an incredible writer - I love the way you write.

    Congrats to your children on their accomplishments! Wow - Molly is on her 'fourth' book? That's so great Pam.

    I have been sad, sick, discouraged over the things taking place on our country too. I almost emailed you when this health bill went through, because I knew it wouldn't be a good day for you. We have to pray,pray, pray Pam. I love you, & hope to hear from you very soon! Hugs

  6. Hi to all you girlies. :) I love that you're happy to see me. :) Warms my heart. xoxo