Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie Review – Star Trek


I watched Star Trek with my boys recently. I have no trouble admitting we fast-forwarded through the risqué parts. I’ll never be comfortable watching sex-scenes with my children, adults or not. I don’t care much whether a movie has a good review, especially by critics who most likely don’t share my views about life in general, and I have no idea whether people loved or hated this movie, but I had fun. smile I’m not an avid “Trekkie,” but I did watch Star Trek quite a bit in my youth. I enjoyed watching the old characters come to life.I loved the bits of comedy, thought it was nicely fast-paced, and that it was fun to see Leonard Nimoy as Spock again. Also, I was never a fan of Bruce Greenwood years ago, quite the opposite in fact, but he sure has grown into a fine actor. I loved his character, Christopher Pike. Not being a Trekkie, I have no idea of the history, whether or not this movie took liberties with the characters’ stories, so I just had a lot of fun watching. smile

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  1. Hi sweet Pam! Oh, how it makes my heart smile to see posts from you again! You are so needed in this blogging world, so please keep on posting!

    Have you heard about 'Clearplay' Pam? We got one a few years ago, & it's wonderful!! Movies that we couldn't have watched, we can now watch. I highly, highly, highly recommend it! Email if you have questions.

    Thank you for the clip, reminding us all of what is happening. It saddens me, & he's certainly doing what he says in that clip.

    Thank you for my email! That blessed me Pam. Can't wait till I sit down for a long visit with you. Sending you big hugs! Go check out'll love it!