Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Throwing Up My Hands

and walking away. Oh, wait. You can’t when you’re a mother. Well, you can, but I won’t. It’s just a feeling that subsides after you have your moments.

Molly was tested for Lyme Disease, as I said. Her test came back negative. I gather it is very common for them to come back negative, so I feel we don’t know anything definitive on that end. In the mean time, Jacob also is suffering with extreme joint pain, a bit of swelling, and the same rash Molly had. It seemed odd that they would both exhibit symptoms of Lyme at the same time. Still? So we had Jacob tested too and still have not heard back about that. At the time of his testing, the same doctor examined Molly too. He was of the opinion that her stomach problems are being caused by her gall bladder. We had that same feeling of relief. So that’s what it is! So she went for an ultrasound this morning. They called with results about an hour after she got home, and they feel there wasn’t anything there to make them think it is her gall bladder. So, we are back at square one again. It seems easy and neat all typed up this way, but after things wear on you for a long time, you know how it is, how you feel. Especially when it is all mixed in with other things that are weighing on us at the moment.

Just to make light of this a bit, wink I am so preoccupied, I am not even watching news and have no idea what mayhem obama is causing at present. Though, I know it has something to do with nukes and making our country even more unprotected. I did read someone said he is possibly the “most dangerous president” we have ever had. I am just thankful that this part of my life is but a mere blip on the scope of my eternal life. It helps so much to view all of this through that lens.


  1. Hi Pam!
    Oh dear, I am praying for your family.

    I so agree with you about being thankful that this part of my life is but a mere blip on the scope of my eternal life. Oh yes, it helps so much to view all of this through that lens. AMEN

    Take care sweetie!

  2. Hi Pam! I'm so sorry that you are now no closer to knowing what is wrong than you were a week ago. I'm praying Pam - praying HARD!

    You are right - we have to view things in the light of the the 'BIG' picture of things. God is in control - that's our hope. I love you Pam...will email later. Hugs

  3. Pam, I am so sorry to hear about the 'bouts' you have been going through. I didn't realize your kids were suffering so. Will add you to my prayer list.

    Like you, I have gotten to the point I don't watch the news either. It's to scary. I am just grateful and feel blessed that this life is temporary and I have a eternal home that "this stuff" here will not matter anymore.

    Hope you have a great Thursday!
    Love ya,

  4. Hi Pam, sorry that your kids are sick. I will keep them in prayer. So is Molly still able to write? Has she been checked for rhuematoid arthritis? It must be hard. My mom is getting much worse and it is hard to see her waste away but at least I know she will be in heaven and I will see her there. Hugs