Thursday, May 27, 2010

Surgery Update

Molly’s surgery went well, and we are so thankful for that. Even though I was late in posting about the actual surgery, you have been so sweet and generous to pray for her during this trial she has been going through, and we so appreciate that.

It was a long day yesterday, and Molly is still a bit uncomfortable today, and groggy and dizzy from the pain meds, but I anticipate continued progress over the next 24 hours. I was relieved the doctor had no complications to report. He said he found sludge inside of her gallbladder and believes that was the cause of her stomach problems. So we still have reason to be very hopeful that she will return to normal now. It has been a long and stressful 8 months watching her go through this so we will all be very relieved and happy for her if this is the case. smile

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Asking For Prayer

This will be just a quick note, and I know you may not see it yet today. We just learned later yesterday that Molly will be having gall bladder surgery today, 1:00pm central time.

We met with the stomach doctor yesterday to discuss the progress of some gall bladder-related medication Molly has been taking over the last month. For a week in there it seemed promising but over the last couple of weeks things have seemed to be worsening. Molly has been nauseated much of the time, and she is losing weight. Would love your prayers on her behalf. I know this is a fairly simple little surgery, but there are always things that can go awry. Not to mention the threat of nausea post-surgery. wink Prayers for the lack of that would be appreciated too. smile AND, there is no guarantee that removing her gall bladder will fix her stomach problems so we will be anxiously awaiting that outcome.

Must run. Thank you! Red heart

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Is Over and Still Confusing

l6 I have always been a LOST fan. I’ve seen every single episode. I waited with anticipation for last night’s finale, expecting they would finish and flesh out all the twists and turns and make sense of them, that when it came to the end and you had seen everything, it would finally make sense. I thought it was a great episode, but because I was more interested in the mysteries of the island, questions about what Charles Widmore was doing, what in the heck the DHARMA Initiative was even about, why it started, when it started, why there even had to be a keeper of the island, who the weird woman was who raised the strange brothers and where she came from and why she was there in the first place, etc. rather than character relationships and reunions, I was really disappointed in the wrap-up. GREAT episode, because I loved all the reunions, but for me it was a poor and unsatisfying finale.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Recording Daily Details

It’s so odd how life is. Just one thing after another. The latest — we’ve been hit with the stomach flu, after escaping it all winter long. Two down, hopefully no more to go! Sadly, Jack got sick yesterday morning. It was our 23rd wedding anniversary. So we sure didn’t spend it like we had expected to, but that’s life. And, here’s my segue into my blog post theme: it’s good to record details of that life.

I’m sharing a link, a download, for a little software program. I love gadgets and this feels like a gadget to me, something that helps me to do more in a quick and easy way. Molly has kept a journal, consistently, since she was very young. I admire this and wish so much that I could hold the records of my life in my hands the way she is able to now. What a fabulous treasure she has. I start and then I stop. I start one in Microsoft Word on the computer and then, because I really would rather have it written out in my own handwriting, purpose to begin to journal, and maybe I do, for a few days and then, nothing. Again. So, I have not much to show for my life in the way of journaling even though I desperately want to.

I decided to give in and try to find a journaling software that might help me at least journal consistently, even just quick details of every day, because, in the end, I have become hopelessly computer oriented. I found the Efficient Diary software. It’s not perfect, but it’s free. If you’re aiming to print, it’s horrible. As far as I can tell after searching all the preferences, it will print in a table form with columns which is not something I’m interested in. You could print with just one column, your entry, but then you’d have to insert the date yourself and then why not just journal in Word? So, it leaves something to be desired if your desire is to journal digitally and then print to paper. But, I am liking the program more and more as I see what I CAN do with it. My favorite thing about it is the ability to group entries, kind of like categories in blogging. So, because I am slogging through the always interesting life of the peri-menopausal woman, it is beneficial to me to keep a diary about that subject. Very easy to do with grouping. You can access all diary entries or just one group. It would be easy also to keep a homemaking journal of things you want to begin doing or record progresses in areas you have implemented. When or if I come to the point I want to print out my journal, I figure I can just paste it into Word. But for now, it’s perfect for containing everything and providing me the ease with which to journal quickly.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Finding Faith

I have an excuse for being incommunicado. LOL While I have not been held prisoner, I have been absolutely immersed in editing Molly’s book, Finding Faith. I finally finished yesterday after weeks of steady work. Even though her writing for this book was very good on its own, there are always missing words or absent punctuation, and then I like to give her alternate adjectives or phrases to consider and also let her know if something strikes me wrong or needs clarification, etc. It’s all very fun, especially the closer you get to finishing. She has all the proofreading to do now and the arduous task of formatting which is not very fun for her, but we also worked on the cover this past week, and the book should be released yet this month. Sooner rather than later. I am so excited about this book. I just loved it, a fabulous story and very well-written. It is also a wonderful end to the series, wrapping up with the characters which have been in all four books. I included the trailer for the story, below.FFcover

Update On the Kids

Since I wrote last about Molly’s tummy, we are hopeful. The stomach doctor is not sure, which is always kind of discouraging, but he still feels there is something going on in her gall bladder (because of the polyp in there). So, she has been taking a medication for over a week now which would dissolve the crystals he thinks are forming in there and in turn causing her trouble. She has been feeling fairly good over the last four days, so, we are hopeful that this will continue. She will check in with his office on Friday, but that is where we are at now. My hope is that the medication (which is short-term thankfully) works, because then I think there is the possibility that she would be fine for awhile, I suppose until crystals started forming again. Or maybe they never would. smile

Jack and I went with Jacob quick to an enrollment advisor this morning to be better able to chart his course for nursing. So that is one thing partially lifted off our minds. He’ll work for Jack this summer and into the fall and then take some of the required Gen Eds here in town this fall. Nursing classes aren’t offered here and he’s thinking of moving to Duluth at some point, so I think it would be nice for him to live at home for just a bit yet, while going to school. He bought a motorcycle this past weekend. I love that he’s a responsible young man, and I don’t worry that way, but motorcycles and roads, real roads, and other drivers . . . speechless It will be a test of faith for the mom.

Sam is doing better, but boy oh boy, was that a hard thing to go through. He is still fighting against the fact of the whole thing, missing Baylen and his interaction with him, and questioning why God would allow this, etc. I have never had my faith tested to the degree of losing a spouse or a child or a parent, so I can’t know how I would react, but at this point, having gone through this, I do know that for whatever reason Baylen was taken from Sam, God has reasons and I trust Him. I know that ultimately this is for Sam’s good, or for someone else’s good. The understanding of it will come, maybe, but even with all the sorrows I have experienced such sweet blessings through those who have prayed for our family, even across the miles, and have hugged us and gotten to know us better through our trials.

Thank you for thinking of us and for praying for us, and for leaving sweet notes of encouragement. Red heart