Monday, May 3, 2010

Finding Faith

I have an excuse for being incommunicado. LOL While I have not been held prisoner, I have been absolutely immersed in editing Molly’s book, Finding Faith. I finally finished yesterday after weeks of steady work. Even though her writing for this book was very good on its own, there are always missing words or absent punctuation, and then I like to give her alternate adjectives or phrases to consider and also let her know if something strikes me wrong or needs clarification, etc. It’s all very fun, especially the closer you get to finishing. She has all the proofreading to do now and the arduous task of formatting which is not very fun for her, but we also worked on the cover this past week, and the book should be released yet this month. Sooner rather than later. I am so excited about this book. I just loved it, a fabulous story and very well-written. It is also a wonderful end to the series, wrapping up with the characters which have been in all four books. I included the trailer for the story, below.FFcover


  1. Hi Pam, sounds like you have been busy. Going to have to check out the trailer. I am going to have to eventually get the last three books, but going to wait until I can get my first one back out of storage to reread. I like reading series together. I loved reading the first one. :) I am so proud of Molly as I know you are too.

    Hope your having a fantastic week.
    Hugs sweetie.

  2. Hi sweet Pam! Wow - what a trailer! My curiosity is full, & I can't wait to get the book. Are her books available for the Kindle? How very, very proud you must be Pam. You have done an incredible job of 'Mommying'.

    So happy to hear that Molly is better, & that you might now have answers. I'm praying Pam.

    It's good to hear that Sam is wading through this grief & coming to terms with the loss of Baylen. I know his heart is broken. Loss is difficult on every level.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Pam! Love you!

  3. Just popped in to wish you a lovely Mother's Day weekend! :) Molly's book seems so interesting! :D
    I must come back ASAP to read your older entry. *hugs*

  4. Hi Pam! I wanted to stop in & wish you a lovely Mother's Day. I know it will be so special for you. You deserve it!

    I had a lovely MD surprise yesterday - I posted about it on my blog. I am very excited! :-)

    We will be leaving in the morning, but my SWD will be posted this week. Don't forget to check it out - Emily is going to do it. :-) Should be very interesting.

    Sending you big hugs Pam. Love you & wish you the best day ever.