Monday, May 3, 2010

Update On the Kids

Since I wrote last about Molly’s tummy, we are hopeful. The stomach doctor is not sure, which is always kind of discouraging, but he still feels there is something going on in her gall bladder (because of the polyp in there). So, she has been taking a medication for over a week now which would dissolve the crystals he thinks are forming in there and in turn causing her trouble. She has been feeling fairly good over the last four days, so, we are hopeful that this will continue. She will check in with his office on Friday, but that is where we are at now. My hope is that the medication (which is short-term thankfully) works, because then I think there is the possibility that she would be fine for awhile, I suppose until crystals started forming again. Or maybe they never would. smile

Jack and I went with Jacob quick to an enrollment advisor this morning to be better able to chart his course for nursing. So that is one thing partially lifted off our minds. He’ll work for Jack this summer and into the fall and then take some of the required Gen Eds here in town this fall. Nursing classes aren’t offered here and he’s thinking of moving to Duluth at some point, so I think it would be nice for him to live at home for just a bit yet, while going to school. He bought a motorcycle this past weekend. I love that he’s a responsible young man, and I don’t worry that way, but motorcycles and roads, real roads, and other drivers . . . speechless It will be a test of faith for the mom.

Sam is doing better, but boy oh boy, was that a hard thing to go through. He is still fighting against the fact of the whole thing, missing Baylen and his interaction with him, and questioning why God would allow this, etc. I have never had my faith tested to the degree of losing a spouse or a child or a parent, so I can’t know how I would react, but at this point, having gone through this, I do know that for whatever reason Baylen was taken from Sam, God has reasons and I trust Him. I know that ultimately this is for Sam’s good, or for someone else’s good. The understanding of it will come, maybe, but even with all the sorrows I have experienced such sweet blessings through those who have prayed for our family, even across the miles, and have hugged us and gotten to know us better through our trials.

Thank you for thinking of us and for praying for us, and for leaving sweet notes of encouragement. Red heart

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