Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Am Still Here

I have not blogged since last summer. Obviously. Eye-rolling I did, however, update the new Live Writer at some point and as I opened it just now to write a blog post, I felt like I was in a foreign country. What?? Disappointed smile It has changed so much I hardly knew what to do or where to start.

There have been those sweet ones of you who have left comments or emailed, and I have failed in my absence to connect. Please know that you have touched me.

And now, as I write, where to start . . . ? Nothing earth shattering has happened in the last six months. Just a lot of living. Up living, down living, changes, stretches, goodbyes. I prefer the slow living, the quiet, the normal.

Sam finally got his horse. Molly put all of her books on Kindle (see right) and is almost finished writing the second book of a fantasy trilogy. Jacob transferred to a different school which means he moved out just after Christmas (something that was and is an adjustment for me). I am still writing the book I have been working on for the last decade (which is probably the main reason I haven’t been blogging - I throw all of my extra energies there.) I started reading again. A lot. And I am in love, with my husband. Red heart I am so thankful for him. In love


  1. Pam, I am so happy to find a new post! I have been missing from blogging too (since the end of Nov), & have just started back. You don't know how often I think of you & miss you. We seemed to 'connect' from the very first moment, & I'm thankful for that.

    I know how difficult it is to adjust to one of your children moving out. It takes a long while. It's tough to let go, but we must.

    I was thrilled to see Molly's books on Kindle now! I can't wait until the day that I see yours on Kindle too! I can only imagine what an incredible writer you are Pam.

    I posted a Smilebox on my blog yesterday, that I would love for you to see. I am so proud of my Emily! If you do go see it, please watch it in full screen.

    Hope to find lots more posts from you Pam. Love you & miss you!

  2. Ah...Judy, I love seeing you too. :) It is so funny how seasons of life are so different...from small children to adult children...from eating sleeping breathing web design and graphic making to just blogging to not blogging at all. How quickly things and focus change. I went to put Molly's books in a sidebar widget yesterday and had to google to refresh my mind on font tags. Font tags! How simple all that seemed so long ago, how much of it I did and thought I would never not know, and how quickly things like that can just disappear from conscious memory. :)

    I can't wait to see Emily. She and Trixie Lilly and Elliot have a soft place in my heart. :) Speaking of books...I wish you would put one together, your days with Elliot and Emily, very precious stories and your way with telling them. My uncle uses or you could make a Kindle book. :) xoxo

  3. Hi Pam glad to see that your back
    I've been trying to leave a comment but I am having trouble posting it
    so we'll see if this one gets posted

  4. Hi Joann! :) I am glad the comment finally worked. Did you ever end up setting up a blog??

  5. yes I did set one up not too long a go but haven't really started bloging yet - I have to personlize it so one of these days....
    The Kindle thing sounds interesting- you aways find fun and informative tid-bits*Ü*

  6. Your blog title was lit up in my feed reader! Yahoooo!! :) Hee hee!
    Hopefully we will both get more regular in our blogging this year.. at least semi-regular? I love hearing from you!
    Take care!
    P.S. I did the same thing - after not blogging for so long, I recently updated the Live Writer - UGH.. DISLIKE it. :( Sigh.. changes.

  7. Lynn - I love seeing your face here. :) I really do want to blog more regularly and here another whole week went by! I peeked in on you once, intending to come back and let you know...I did watch a YouTube video you posted though...liked that! (the one with the messages of what people were really feeling and going through - such a great reminder) I do love reading more in depth on blogs, but I also love seeing faces day-to-day on FB...keeps us close and aware. xoxo
    Oh, P.S.... About the changes to Live Writer, do you use Live Mail for your email program? I do and wish they'd just left well enough alone with Live Writer because it was quick and simple the way it was, but I am slowly finding Live Mail to be more functionally effective than I thought at first (which was that it was very BUSY). Maybe Live Writer will feel the same. But, changes...ugh, I'm with you.