Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kid History Videos

I’m updating my blog a little, to reflect changes in my life over the last year. Since I am no longer home schooling, I had hoped to blog more, but I spent the year writing instead. Finally finishing that book was a milestone for me. Writing is a large part of my life and because I am starting to write a new book now, I had thought to have a writing blog, too, but I have to be realistic. So, from time to time I might post about writing, for myself and anyone else who might love the writing life and find it useful. I’m also loving Pinterest, so I would love to share things I find now and then. There is so much helpful information there for homemaking, housekeeping, etc. Members of our household have joined the ranks of Celiac Disease sufferers, so I’ll likely be writing about that, too. My daughter’s journey to finding out why she has been suffering debilitating stomach problems for three years has been long and emotionally draining for us. As was the road we have traveled with my youngest son who has Asperger’s. He is navigating his way into adulthood which often tugs hard at my heart. Life is rarely dull and often overwhelming for me which is why I have never been a terribly consistent blogger.

It’s so important to find and recognize the joy in life. Have you seen these Kid History videos where the dads act out the story their kids are telling but in the kids' voices!? So funny!!


  1. Hi Pam, Glad to see you post. I really like your blog layout. Congrats on 25 years of marriage. We will be celebrating 38 next month. Going to check out your book now.
    I have Hawaii pics linked at my blog now. Hugs

  2. Loved your Hawaii pics, Susan! So glad to see your comment. I miss my blogging friends. :)