Monday, July 23, 2012

Removing Widgets With No Remove Button

Have you ever uploaded a new Blogger template only to find you are left with widgets you cannot delete because they have no remove button? I think what happens is they become corrupted when changing templates. Trying to delete them by editing the HTML has never worked for me. I was at the pre-tearing hair out stage while working with my template recently and Googled hoping to find a solution. I finally did and wanted to share it because it worked like a charm.

Remove a corrupted widget from blogger layout panel


  1. Oh thank you Pam. This can be so frustrating. Looks like you have been changing some things around here. I like it. I am getting ready to make some changes to some of my pages, oh the joys of updating blogs.

    I now have a facebook page for my cooking site, I hope you will hope over and "like" it and share it.

    Love seeing you post again. HUGS!!!!!

    1. Hi Cindy! :) I liked your page. Let me know when you are posting. Likely I'll see on Facebook, but I haven't been checking much lately. So glad this tip was helpful to you. I was so glad to find it! Hugs back! :)