Friday, November 9, 2012

Adapting to This Gluten-free Life

Oh boy. Life certainly is a journey. I’ve wanted to chronicle this new kind of life we’ve been living, share along the way things we’ve found that help, but honestly, it takes a lot of time and mental energy and though it has been three months already, sometimes I still don’t have the hang of it. I try to focus on what we CAN eat, and I’m kind of good as long as I can still drink my lemon tea with vanilla creamer, Winking smile but there are times when the reality of it just stinks. Like what happens when you want to travel, when you want to visit family, what will you eat for all those meals?

That’s kind of where we’re at right now, still figuring all of that out. I think I would be further along in my accomplishments, but this all has come at a time when life is rather bumpy and lately pretty scary. And now on top of it all, we found out our beloved dog Barley (see photo at right) has cancer. I fear from what we have been told that it is a fast-moving, aggressive cancer. I spent 24 hours feeling utterly horrified. I mean how much do we love these pets we have lived with for years and years? The horror finally has dulled, and we go forward to another new normal.

So, life is full of reading labels and checking online to make sure something is gluten-free, finding new recipes to try and ordering bulk flours from Amazon and weird ingredients I’ve never used before, making bread every few days, and still trying to think of what to have for breakfast, lunch, and supper and sometimes feeling too tired to want to care. Not that I don’t like to bake bread. I pine for kneading! and grow nostalgic when I see bread recipes on Pinterest. It’s just that gluten-free bread is not in any way satisfying to bake, usually. Sometimes. I keep trying but more often than not I just choose to be happy with what comes out of the oven. I have a loaf raising now and have ridiculously high hopes for it. It has ground flax seed in it, and I know it would be really good for us if it could become a staple recipe. I’ll share it if it becomes one I use often.

Okay, now that I’ve finally broken the ice and posted again, Winking smile maybe I can see my way to posting some things that might also help others wading through this gluten-free life.