Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have I Said I Wish Spring Would Come?

It is so cold here today, barely above zero, and the wind is just nasty. I built a fire in the living room wood stove, stoked the fire in the basement until it was roaring, and baked bread just for good measure (and because we desperately needed bread) so hopefully it will warm up in here now that it is already midafternoon.

I am posting quick because I had been wanting to come and reply to your comments. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner. But there you are, replies mulled over while I was baking bread. Smile

The days this week are going by fast for me. Molly, as I may have mentioned before, is in the process of writing a six-book fantasy series. When I hear fantasy, I think magic, wizards, fairies, etc. Molly’s fantasy is different, minus the magic, still with themes of good and evil. She uses it to create worlds, peoples, situations not bound by real-world historical research. She wrote this about the series,

“Think ancient Rome in a medieval setting with some modern society issues. The story itself is engulfed in the midst of a corrupt, tyrannical government and persecution. Spiritual, emotional, and physical struggles are central themes in the story. It has some of the most flawed characters I've ever worked with, but I love them dearly. It also has some of the greatest tragedies I've ever written, so it sets the stage for a lot of character growth, faith, courage, and rising above circumstances.”

She is currently writing book four, but within the next few months she will finally release the first book, Resistance. For the last month beta readers have been reading it and giving her feedback. She also wanted me to read it one more time because of changes she had made during some recent edits. So I have been working on that in the last few days. I read the story on my kindle, highlighting typos or things I want to bring to her attention, and then transfer those notes to the chapters in the Word document. It’s a long process but a fun one. I really enjoy editing and wish I was better at it. If you care to follow Molly’s progress with this series beyond the links I shared above, she has an Ilyon Chronicles blog that will keep you up to date.

Oh, what to have for supper tonight? Eye rolling smile I’d better go figure that out. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to eat!

Two more things. I think Molly is having another jewelry giveaway. I’ll let you know when I know for sure. And, did you happen to see this on Facebook today? One of the CUTEST things I have EVER seen, this super cute little girl riding with her daddy and listening to Elvis. My son, Jacob, posted it and it made my day. Smile


  1. Hi Pam, I just can't imagine how cold it is where you are and for so long. We are finally getting rain out our way. Can you make soups on cold days? I know you are limited in what you can eat. I made chicken soup. I will have to check out your daughter's page. How is your writing coming along? I just changed my blog over to St Patricks. I like changing it over. I sure miss the days when everyone was so creative. Have a great weekend, Hugs

  2. Hi Susan :) I do have a few soups I make regularly and definitely want to get more planned for. I haven't been doing much writing lately...more research and planning. I'm hoping to wrap that up soon so I can really make a push to write and just finish this current story. I've got about 12 chapters written, which is maybe a third done. I have 3 separate books going in my mind, all of which I wish I could be writing, so I really wish I could get going! :)