Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fun Little Surprise

The last few days have gone by very quickly. We had been looking forward to Jacob coming home for spring break, which will stretch for about ten days. I expected him mid afternoon on Thursday and was sitting talking with Molly and Sam early in the morning when there was a pounding at the back door. It was Jacob, surprising us. Smile He’d left Duluth before the sun came up, just to get home early. We’ve been joined at the hip, all of us, ever since.


I had a Kindle book on hold at the library that came up for loan, so I’ll be starting that soon. It’s Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher, third in the Where the Heart Lives series following the lives of three siblings who were separated as children via the orphan train. I’ve read the first two and I think they were very good, yet didn’t leave a huge impression on me as I had a bit of trouble even remembering what the first one was about. But still a good series with solid characters, enough for me to want to read the third.

Divergent-movie-poster-4Jack is on vacation this week while Jacob is home so we’ll likely finish painting in the kitchen. We also plan to go to Costco for the first time. I’ve heard they have a lot for gluten-free products, which would be helpful. On Friday, Molly, Jacob, and I plan to go to Divergent. Molly has read the book, but I have not, so we will have two different experiences viewing this movie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What a Lucky Girl

And I say that in a very evangelical “we don’t do luck” sort of way. It is a wonderful blessing and very comforting to have friends. I’m not really very used to that, to be perfectly frank. Though I haven’t actually mentioned this, I have quite a lot of Asperger traits. My social-ness or lack of it extends way beyond being introverted. I have family, and I have online friends. That’s pretty much it. And many times online I pull back, out of necessity, but one thing I have found, especially over the last few months, and which has blessed me…friends who really care.

In reference to my last post, I shouldn’t apologize or feel squeamish I guess, for reacting, being open about how horrible so much of this has seemed—but after the fact, it felt like the sort of things you would say faintly, because you're feeling spent, in a heart-to-heart with someone who knows you intimately. Only, I’d posted them to my blog, out loud, to be read at any time, by anyone—outside of the bounds of a heart-to-heart, and I just felt a little exposed. Because it's one thing to be honest, but quite another to belabor things you've said over and over—but can't stop yourself from saying again because you're simply feeling horribly drained—and then fret afterward you've said too much or in too raw a way. ugh. I should be past that by now. They say life has a way of kicking the stuffing out of you, so we all have our weak moments, I guess.

Anyway, thank you, for bearing with me, for caring, and mostly for praying for us. It is all very appreciated and God’s loving way of letting me feel his arms around me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sharing An Idea For Breakfast

I have the sense that I way over shared in my last post, so I would like to try to stick to lighter topics and be more brief. Especially as I think it must get old to read about. I feel the pressure to blog when days and days have gone by, and sometimes I post when I shouldn’t (when I am hurting or discouraged), which doesn’t serve me well, nor my visitors.

Sun We are having a lovely weather day today. Temps are breaking into the 40s and it’s still morning. It’ll be the nicest day this week so we will enjoy it. I’m so anxious to see some of this snow begin to melt.

I made us oatmeal smoothies this morning for breakfast. Check this page for info though I don’t know if that’s where we got the original idea or recipe from. They are wonderful and fresh tasting, and I just love them. I use frozen cherries and vanilla extract. I imagine vanilla bean paste would be even better. I just love pomegranates, so I bet that would be a great flavor, too.

captain-phillips-international-posterI spent the evening watching television with Molly last night, to help take her mind off things. Among other things, we watched Once Upon a Time, which is silly, but we love it and find the way they weave the stories, fascinating. Later in the evening, I watched The Good Wife. Always interesting.

Jack and I watched Captain Phillips the other night. Wow was that a good movie. Maybe I will review it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Never Want To Lose Sight of Blessings

I was peeking in at Goodreads last night, thinking about all the books I want to read now that I finished Molly’s new book, Resistance. I think I’ll put one of the widgets on my blog. I had books in the currently-reading shelf that I haven’t looked at in months so I got that a little updated. Maybe if I was young, single, I’d read more, but I am finally realizing after all these years that you have to make time to read. It doesn’t just happen.

I have to confess things have been discouraging lately. The long winter is kicking Sam’s butt. Every time we think the long-range forecast seems promising it crumbles. Asperger’s is never a picnic even at the best of times, and he has rallied through a depressing winter, but the longer it goes, the more tedious waiting for spring-like weather becomes. Jacob is slogging through these last weeks of nursing school four hours away, but sometimes I wonder if sticking it out up there these last couple of years has been the best choice—except for a close-knit group of classmates and us, he no longer has moral support up there. To the contrary, he has believers actively tearing him down instead of seeking to build him up, a church that has been the bane of our existence for over three years, which is a whole horrible story in itself. I think I may actually tell it sometime. But probably the most discouraging of all is the pills Molly got after the stomach scope, to help with the bile in her stomach, seem to have stopped working, and she is nauseated through the night again. To have it be even a little bit what it was like during those long, horrifying weeks last November just brings an icky pit-of-the-stomach feeling. They’ve added an additional pill, which just makes me want to sigh (because we’re very health-conscious and always seeking natural alternatives, but in this it is so hard to know what to do) and Zofran for the nausea which isn’t really working very good. I go to sleep each night praying for each one, praying for a hedge of protection around Jake in what has proven to be such a dark situation, praying for rejuvenating sleep for Sam and answers that never seem to come, and praying for sleep at all for Molly. I wake up thinking about it and hold my breath sometimes waiting to see what kind of night she had, or what kind of day Sam will have. Days that start like that don’t take much to fizzle.

Yet. Still. Every day is new. It might go south within minutes, and I might spend it weeping or fretting or complaining (to my chagrin), but even then my life is blessed. I have a crazy-wonderful husband I love more every single day, who does thoughtful little things for me all the time, and who has been beside me through all this horribleness we’ve encountered these last few years and who holds me up when I don’t think I can stand anymore. It took years and years for us to get to where we are today, but God blessed me with him. And I have three kids I marvel at and love so so much, all so unique, who have suffered more than I can stand to see, in so many different ways, but all five of us—saved and ready to go—are going to spend eternity, together. With Jesus. That I know for certain, and that is what matters more than all the hardness.

And in amongst all that hardness, we manage to buff up a few rough rocks sometimes and come up with some pretty. Smile Here is that mug shelf I mentioned a few posts back that Jack was building. It’s a little more “busy” than I like, so it’ll take me some time to switch things out and see what I want sitting on there. Mostly I’d like it for mugs I use daily. The blue paint needs another coat for us to see if we truly want to continue with the blue in the kitchen. Just not sure. Without that second coat it’s a little light. I may just bring the green into the kitchen, too.


Also, I mentioned the other day that Molly is having a Dreaming of Spring jewelry giveaway. You can click the link and go to her blog if you want to see what she has in her Etsy shop, or enter to win below.

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