Monday, March 10, 2014

Sharing An Idea For Breakfast

I have the sense that I way over shared in my last post, so I would like to try to stick to lighter topics and be more brief. Especially as I think it must get old to read about. I feel the pressure to blog when days and days have gone by, and sometimes I post when I shouldn’t (when I am hurting or discouraged), which doesn’t serve me well, nor my visitors.

Sun We are having a lovely weather day today. Temps are breaking into the 40s and it’s still morning. It’ll be the nicest day this week so we will enjoy it. I’m so anxious to see some of this snow begin to melt.

I made us oatmeal smoothies this morning for breakfast. Check this page for info though I don’t know if that’s where we got the original idea or recipe from. They are wonderful and fresh tasting, and I just love them. I use frozen cherries and vanilla extract. I imagine vanilla bean paste would be even better. I just love pomegranates, so I bet that would be a great flavor, too.

captain-phillips-international-posterI spent the evening watching television with Molly last night, to help take her mind off things. Among other things, we watched Once Upon a Time, which is silly, but we love it and find the way they weave the stories, fascinating. Later in the evening, I watched The Good Wife. Always interesting.

Jack and I watched Captain Phillips the other night. Wow was that a good movie. Maybe I will review it.


  1. Hi Pam, I like to watch Once Upon a Time too. I am glad they did that recap episode and my husband watched it too. Your last post was great honest and isn't that what we need to be to ourselves as we go through the reality of our lives. Plus it is healing too. Hubby and I have movies to still see, but we did see Frozen twice. I love that movie! I am going to check out your recipe. Hugs

  2. I haven't seen Captain Phillips but my daughter has and she raves and raves about it! Your oatmeal smoothie sounds very interesting. Have a blessed day.

  3. Pam, I hope you continue to be open & honest in your posts. That's one of the things that I so love about you. You are a very special woman, & I admire your grace in all that you have dealt with. Your children are very blessed to have you as their Mom.

    I've never seen the Captain Phillips movie, but have only heard good things about it.

    I 'love' smoothies!! Hmmmm...might gives yours a try, as I have frozen cherries. I don't have vanilla bean paste, but I do have almond paste (wonder what that would taste like??).

    Love you Pam. Hope to find another post from you real soon!