Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Is Finally Here

Maybe soon it will feel like spring. So sorry I have been quiet for so long. We really enjoyed having Jacob home for those ten days or so. But there were other things, some very stressful, all converging at once and in the time since he left, life has seemed to whirl up into the “perfect storm.” Finally, things are calming down, but I have been left exhausted in the wake.

38_beloved_202wSince it was due, I sat this morning and finished the library book I mentioned recently. [They were married, but he was presumed dead. He had been angry with a domineering father and simply left one day and never came back. Suddenly, years later he returns, needing a wife, intending to run for political office. Of course, though, it’s not quite that simple.] It was a good story, as were the two preceding it. At the end of each chapter of this third book, the author would finish with a past scene from years ago leading up to where the two main characters were at present, what brought them both to this point. It was an interesting way of telling the story. I didn’t follow very easily at first until I realized what the author was doing. I finally gave up trying to place the time and date, realizing it was not necessary to know, enough to realize that it was going in chronological order. I think I liked, Betrayal, the second book in the series, best. This author writes real characters who are not annoying, a criteria high on my list. I can’t say she is a favorite author though. The stories are interesting to me, compelling me to keep reading, but I can’t seem to feel either the characters or their emotions. For some reason they did not engage me.

Jacob, Molly, and I did go to see Divergent during spring break. I went very intrigued, very interested…and enjoyed myself from beginning to end. I absolutely loved it. Aside from loving and being very invested in Molly’s story, which she is classifying as clean New Adult, I am not a reader of YA fiction. I think the Hunger Games trilogy was my first real foray into that genre. But, while I am enjoying the Hunger Games movies, Divergent just seemed far and away more interesting to me. Believable and fascinating. I really liked this movie and look forward to reading the books.

Molly is going for another, long stomach-related procedure tomorrow. I just keep praying for answers, for the search to be over. It is so hard to watch her quality of life be so dismal sometimes. Living with frequent nausea must be so horrible. Sad smile Yet, she rallies and is so strong, and works so hard on this current book project, so close to publication in May. I helped her as much as I possibly could last week as she worked tirelessly to get her manuscript finalized and sent off to her editor. A pretty exciting time after writing and then working on this book for the last two years. So thankful there are blessings in the midst of gray days. Thank you, Lord Jesus! Smile

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  1. I'm so glad that you and Molly could get away to see the movie together. Praying for her and her procedure that answers can be found. I've been reading Amish fiction lately which I enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.