Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Red-Letter Day

Today was truly a red-letter day for me. Jack is on vacation this week so I was not particularly happy with myself when I realized some time back I had scheduled my yearly checkup this same week. Even less happy when I realized I also had an eye appointment the same day. So. Big day. And for someone like me, big days are mentally exhausting. Especially when you expect the year has taken a horrible toll on your health and you wonder what you’ll hear. And when, over the months I’ve struggled to maintain or re-establish normal routines, like taking a multi or my eye drops. I would remember my morning ones most of the time, but frequently forget my nighttime ones, and the last thing I wanted was to jeopardize the stability I finally achieved in maintaining my glaucoma.

The day started at eight in the morning, giving me little time to fret. Things like that matter to someone who has social anxieties. I have spent many moments in the last months thanking God for this gift of my husband, realizing anew what a perfect fit he is for me, taking up where I fail, doing so much for me, which translates into huge blessings each day. It was so wonderful for me to have him home, that he was glad to take me to these appointments.

My doctor is thorough, very open to natural and alternative health methods, and very personable. I also love her nurse who I see first, and both are so easy to talk to. The appointment went very well, very quickly—others, because they are very intensive due to how thorough she is, I have walked out of feeling utterly spent. The one concern I had was to her not suspicious at all, and she was pleased with all my lab readings except for one, which concerned her. It was either lab error, a deficiency, or something rare and terrible. She sent me for more labs as I left.

One appointment down, one to go. The eye appointment went extremely well with my lowest ocular pressures yet since finding out I have glaucoma, punctuated in the middle, while I waited for my eyes to dilate, by a really sweet chat with a lady in the waiting room. It was like this day was just charmed. When I told my eye doctor that I had been forgetting to take my nighttime drops, he said that particular one can be taken at any time of the day. So now, I can just take both drops in the morning and be done with it. For someone who has taken morning and nighttime drops for many years, this is just a treat!

There was only one nagging thought as the day aged, the one lab reading that seemed concerning. But, I just had to pause in the wonder of the moment when my doctor emailed me late in the afternoon already with the news that labs indicated it was just a deficiency I can begin to manage. Needless to say, it was a day to be treasured.

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  1. I am glad all your test came back ok, I usually have all my test in Jan. Stress can really mess us up for sure! This has been a crazy year for us. I suspect next year will be the same. So what are your Christmas plans?
    I changed over my blog to Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I better go and get my blog ready for tomorrow. Hugs